NAME:  Confidentiality
MANUAL:  General Policy Manual
CODE #:  WE-MI-05
EFFECTIVE DATE:  June 26, 2011
LAST REVISION DATE:  December 2, 2013

To protect confidential information related to the community, clients, employees, students, and volunteers and the operation and affairs of WECHC in accordance with the applicable federal and provincial legislation and the standards of practice for the respective professional colleges.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, students and volunteers of WECHC.

3.1.  WECHC Confidentiality Statement: All confidential information, whether it is developed by the employee during his/her period of employment or by others employed/engaged by or associated with the WECHC, is the exclusive property of the Centre and shall at all times be regarded, treated and protected as such.

3.2.  Confidential information includes information and facts relating to:

  • clients, employees, students, volunteers and individuals associated with the Centre;
  • the operation and affairs of the Centre.

3.3.  Confidential information shall not be disclosed to any person or used (other than as necessary in carrying out his/her duties on behalf of the Centre or as required by law, regulation, governmental body or court order) at any time during or subsequent to his/her period of employment/association with the Centre without first obtaining the consent of WECHC. All reasonable precautions shall be taken to prevent inadvertent disclosure of any such confidential information.

3.4.  Confidentiality Agreements are signed by all individuals employed/engaged by or associated with the Centre and inserted into the appropriate file, i.e., Human Resource Record, consultant or sub-contractor files.

3.5.  Unless used for Centre-related business, the Centre prohibits the use of the camera/video function on cellular telephones in the workplace as a preventative measure to secure client and employee privacy, and other confidential information.

3.6.  Refer to the Resource Guide – Privacy and Confidentiality for detailed information.


  • Confidentiality Agreement - Form# - WE-MI-05-001
  • Resource Guide – Privacy and Confidentiality
  • WECHC policy WE-MI-01 – Privacy Policy

Original Policy Approval Date:  June 26, 2011

Policy Revisions Subsequent to Original Approval

Number Initiator Reason Who Date Approver
1 ED Revision of policy format S. Adamo Dec 2, 2013 H. Sadra