Regional Fall Prevention Initiatives

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among seniors. Most falls are avoidable with appropriate education, awareness, screening, assessment, intervention and prevention. In 2011, Ontario’s LHINs and Public Health Units partnered to develop the Integrated Falls Prevention Provincial Framework & Toolkit. This framework aims to improve the Quality of Life for Ontario seniors aged 65 years and over and to lessen the burden of falls on the health care system by reducing the number and impact of Falls.

WE CHC is proud to be the Erie St. Clair LHIN lead for Falls Prevention.  Line Lauzon, WE CHC Falls Prevention Coordinator participates on relevant LHIN wide and provincial wide committees.  She liaises with and coordinates networking opportunities to work directly with established falls prevention committees with the ESC LHIN to discuss, share and implement best practice guidelines.  She also collaborates with the Occupational Therapy Grab Bars and Home Safety Assessments Program across the Erie St. Clair LHIN.

For more information, please contact Line Lauzon via telephone at 519-997-2823 ext 334 via email at