About Us

Windsor Essex Community Health Centre, Hepatitis C Treatment and Support Team works collaboratively with healthcare providers to ensure clients receive quality care. The goal of the team is to establish treatment and care services to individuals affected with Hepatitis C. They help to stop the spread of this virus by making sure that people are educated, diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

You should be tested for Hepatitis C if you have:

  • ever used injection drugs (even once or a long time ago) shared drug equipment (needles, pipes, straws, etc.)
  • been tattooed or pierced with dirty equipment/re-used ink or ever received a prison tat
  • shared personal hygiene items (nail clippers, toothbrush, razors) with a person infected with Hepatitis C
  • been in fights with a person that had Hepatitis C where blood was exchanged
  • received medical care in a country where dirty medical equipment might have been used
  • had a blood transfusion before 1992
  • had unprotected sex

The WE CHC Hepatitis C Treatment and Support Team will:

  • work with your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner
  • come to you—our team of professional staff will travel to your Family Doctor’s office to provide care
  • assist you with drug cost coverage
  • assist you with diagnosis
  • provide nursing support to you, before, during and after treatment including follow up care
  • provide you with many services and support
  • provide you with individual and group counselling
  • support your family, friends and caregivers
  • help you manage your health
  • be there for you!

Client benefits include:

  • improved health of those living with Hepatitis C; the opportunity for the client to see a nurse and a social worker in the same day
  • Geographical and transportation barriers are mitigated by the team going into the community and offering help where the client is
  • Support and assistance with diagnosis
  • Assistance with drug coverage
  • Education about other agencies and resources in Windsor Essex that can help

We are located at:
711 Pelissier

Access to the program is by self or primary care referral, phone: 519.890.6392

Our Team consists of:

  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioner