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Addiction Support

The Teen Health Substance Abuse Treatment Program offers psychotherapy to individuals (12-24):

  • seeking support to assist them with the challenges of change and/or recovery
  • to manage substance abuse behaviors
  • to provide emotional support stemming from the social consequence of addiction for those affected by a loved one’s addiction.

Our approach is to develop treatment plans that aim to focus on the wellness of the individual as whole, through evidence-based psychotherapy, tailored to the needs of each client.

Parent 1 on 1: Our Parent 1 on 1 is a one time, one hour confidential support consultation session with a therapist specializing in addictions treatment. This program is aimed at addressing issues of concern and encouraging the next steps for the family towards healing and recovery. A self-referral is required.

Call (519) 253-8481 ext. 239
for more information on Substance Abuse Treatment at our Teen Health location.