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Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist  

  • Provides assessment, consultation, recommendations and education to a senior population diagnosed with a communication disorder, cognitive-communication difficulties and acquired neurological disorders (e.g. stroke) resulting in communication (reading, writing, understanding and speaking) difficulties. 
  • Works with an inter-professional team using a client centered approach
  • Provides materials and resources in order to increase confidence and the tools to aid in better communication every day.
  • Caregiver/family education and support. Providing strategies for more successful communication with family members.

Communication Group Therapy 

Improving lives through social communication, learn strategies that can help increase daily communication and build opportunities to communicate in a natural setting. Group therapy can help maintain communication skills while adding to one’s quality of life through social interaction. 

Call (519) 997-2823 ext. 332 for more information

Information developed by the Aphasia Institute of Toronto

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