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Philosophy Statement

Windsor Essex Community Health Centre provides high-quality, multidisciplinary health care services in a non-judgmental, welcoming safe environment; one that reflects the Alliance for Healthier Communities’ Model of Health and Well-Being. We envision a community where health and well-being are optimal. Our mission is to design and deliver accessible, inclusive and collaborative primary care, illness prevention, and health promotion. We encourage clients to become active participants in their care and to join us in our efforts to build a community where all can achieve their highest level of health.

Windsor Essex CHC provides holistic care for individuals, families, and our community by eliminating barriers through a range of programs, services and initiatives that support community capacity building, health promotion, disease prevention, and primary health care. Our Service Delivery Philosophy is based on the following core values and beliefs.

Our Beliefs

  • All people have the right to resources that they need for optimal health and well-being;
  • Barriers to accessing healthcare must be reduced whenever possible;
  • We value the inter-professional team to provide a holistic and coordinated approach to care;
  • That we need to understand each individual in the whole context of their family, social support, and community belonging;
  • Our clients deserve high-quality services and care. We will promote excellence and commit to continuous quality improvement;
  • Clients should be actively involved in decisions regarding their care;
  • Clients should be provided with information to make choices that will best meet their needs;
  • Clients have a right to privacy and confidentiality;
  • Clients should be respected and supported when exercising their rights;
  • Our community must be engaged in decision-making related to our services and care.