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ATTN: Please call ahead for all appointments.
This includes picking up medical supplies or insulin.
If our line is busy, please leave a message as we are checking them frequently.

Do you have a question for a Social Worker? 519-253-8481 (x 236)
Do you have a question for a Nurse Practitioner? 519-997-2824 (x 416)

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Who we are?

What is a Community Health Centre?

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are community governed centres providing high quality primary care services with health promotion programs, illness prevention programs and community development initiatives.

As part of this integrated, comprehensive primary health care approach, CHCs support communities and residents to achieve health by addressing “social determinants of health” which includes factors such as income levels, access to shelter/housing, education, language/geographical barriers and other factors that are known to have a direct impact on health outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

CHCs partner with other local agencies and community partners within the health and other community sectors to address the bigger picture of health.
At weCHC we implement quality initiatives to ensure we are meeting client needs. This includes the client satisfaction survey, participating in the accreditation process and supporting the Health Quality Ontario Quality Improvement Process (QIP).