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Therapeutic Exercise

This is a community-based, exercise program led by the Physiotherapist, Registered Nurse, Registered Kinesiologists, and Physiotherapy Assistants. This program is intended for adults with functional or mobility limitations requiring modified and supervised exercise due to a chronic health condition, such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, etc. Classes run for 1-hour twice per week and are offered either in-person (therapeutic circuit) or online (therapeutic group).

In-person Therapeutic Circuit:

Clients will work on strengthening, cardiovascular endurance and balance exercises moving through 10 stations. Staff provide assistance at standing stations and guidance at seated stations.  Exercise progress is tracked using log books. 

Online Therapeutic Group

Clients are required to have access to Wi-Fi/internet, a working email, and computer/smart phone/tablet compatible with ZOOM (audio and video capabilities). IT support is provided if needed. Clients will work on strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, and balance exercises, following the lead instructor over the computer.

Criteria to participate:

Client registration, medical clearance, and a liability waiver are required to participate.  Adults aged 25 and older who:

• Require exercises to be modified and supervised

• Are able to work in a group exercise setting

• Are able to bring and independently administer emergency medications (i.e. rescue inhalers, Nitro)

• Can stand from sitting with minimal assistance and be able to stand with support if needed for a minimum of 15 seconds (for in-person programs)

• Can follow instructions and communicate any adverse effects of exercise

• Have functional limitations or chronic pain that severely limits their ability to perform ADLs

• Clients should not be participating in Outpatient Rehab Services through HDGH or in other community exercise programs while participating in CDMP exercise programs   


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